Prohibited Items

What are prohibited item?

Vanuatu Post transports its mail by air using its partner airlines. The airline regulation for uplift of goods must be complied to. Therefore, any good categorized as Dangerous Goods by IATA is treated as such by Vanuatu Post and due to complexity of some item shipment specifications it is advisable to check with Vanuatu Post or the airline list of prohibited items prior to posting.

Customer are advised to check for what the destination country's import restriction are for each goods or materials. Customs at the destination country will check for and implement local regulations of postal items arriving at the destination country. It remains the responsibility of the sender to check either the item is a prohibited item by post and or if the destination country can accept the items as legal. Vanuatu Post will be willing to help.

Vanuatu Post will consult with airlines for any goods that require special handling and packing prior to uplift. All outgoing international mail go through a screening process prior to departure and any items which fall under the category of dangerous goods and which breaches any safety requirement will be offloaded and may be destroyed without prior notice.

Customers are advised to declare the content of their mail item during posting and that the proper declaration form shows the actual composition of the mail item. Any dishonest declaration may lead to liability to the customer and to the extent of prosecution.

These common items, and not limited to this list, which are prohibited are-

- Compress Gases; camping gas cylinders, cigarette lighters, all aerosol cans...

- Explosives; ammunition, fireworks, flares, caps...

- Flammable; easily ignited or rapid burning substances- matches, all forms of petrol and burnable oils, solvents and cleaning liquids...

- Drugs and poisons; all illegal drugs and poisons - some drugs in legal prescription quantities packaged properly are permitted.

- Corrosive Substances; such as mercury, bleaches, acids which includes battery fluids, stain removing substances...

- Oxidizers; things that react when combined with oxygen- peroxide hair and textile dyes, fiberglass repair kits...

Items that can be posted if package correctly include -

- medicines including herbal medicines

- sharp or pointed items

- liquids which are not categorized as dangerous goods

- alcohol beverages

- cava powder or beverage

- medical and biological specimens

- electronics and apparels etc


If you have any queries regarding the status of the item you intend to ship please consult our Post Office at tel: 22000 for clarification or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we should get back to you as soon as possible.

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