Send mail international

The cost effective way of sending your mail to over 190 countries worldwide is our standard Parcel and Letter mail postage.

It can range from three days to a month delivery target depending on the destination of your mail and the route it takes plus the delivery standards of the destination country. Mail take longer if mail has to be resorted more than once on its route.

All customs charges, taxes and duties that may be applicable by destination are payable by receiver on delivery.

Outbound Mail - to over 190 countries worldwide.

There are three Zones for letters and four Zones for Parcels.  See the Postal Rate section for rates the apply at each Zones.

There is a range of our international mail services you can choose. Choose our cost-effective, fastest delivery or the comfort of assurance that your item was delivered.

EMS (Express Mail Courier Service) is the fastest means of our delivery services. It is trackable and there is signature on delivery. EMS is our courier service and your items can be picked up at your office or home and delivered at the addresses' door. EMS service is available to and from at selected areas only in Vanuatu. For pickup or delivery at your door(courier service) we only cover Port Vila and Luganville plus particular main centers such as Lenakel, Norsup and Lolowai.

A Registered Item mail is trackable and has advice of delivery - some countries provide signatrues as prove of delivery. The maximum weight of a registered item (document or merchandise) is 2kg. Items above 2kg can be sent using our parcel service and rate. Mail items that met the descriptions of a parcel can be sent as EMS or standard parcel service. All parcels are barcoded and are trackable and there is advise of delivery- not all countries offer prove of delivery

Our standard economy letter or packet service is the cost effective way of delivering your mail. You can send a letter or packet as either a standard letter or use our EMS or Registered item service

Mail categorized as parcel is barcoded. You can choose to have your letter or packet barcoded and it will be categorized under our Registered mail service.A letter mail envelope can contain only printed paper based material or printed document only and should fall under the acceptable Dimension. International parcels cannot weigh more than 25kg.

Letters and Parcels

You can send you letter or parcel at any of the Vanuatu Post offices or agents to overseas. Our agents are spread over 60 locations in the Vanuatu islands.

You must place your letter document or item which fits the dimension of a letter (size and weight) in a sealed envelope. If the mail content is a merchandize you may need to declare the item using an appropriate form(CN 22/CN 23) at the post office counter. The form is a customs declaration detailing the item(s) in the mail and its value for the destination country's  customs purposes.

Vanuatu Post does not provide an insurance service and is not responsible for the value of the item. We do not accept claim to refund the value of items in the mail. Our Compensation Policy is based on the UPU (Universal Postal Union) liability provisions and is limited- no full cover option.


Our compensation policy generally comply to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) compensation and liability policy.
Vanuatu post does not offer insurance service to cover valuables sent via mail. If you are using EMS, Registered or Parcel items related UPU compensation ceilings apply for each of the different service.

About Vanuatu Post

Vanuatu Post Limited was formed in 2000 and provides postal and other services to residents and visitors to Vanuatu. The Corporation is owned by the Government of Vanuatu and operates as a commercial enterprise.
Vanuatu Post provides access to services through a network of over 60 Post Offices and Postal outlets around Vanuatu. Customers receive mail through a network of over 4500 PO Boxes.

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