Air Vanuatu 20th Anniversary

Formed on December 17 1987, Air Vanuatu began its proud history flying a chartered 737-200 to Sydney.
Air Vanuatu 20th Anniversary
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Formed on December 17 1987, Air Vanuatu began its proud history flying a chartered 737-200 to Sydney. The following year a 737-300 was also leased from Australian Airlines and destinations grew to include Brisbane and Melbourne. In June 1989, Air Vanuatu purchased its first aircraft, a Boeing 727-200, which was named the Spirit of Vanuatu. New Zealand was added to the schedule with a weekly flight to Auckland and a series of codeshare flights began with the Solomon Airlines to Fiji and Air Caledonie to Noumea.


altWith Bauerfield International Airport at Port Vila opening in 1991, Air Vanuatu continued to go from strength to strength, replacing the B727 with a B737-400 and growing through cooperation with other airlines such as Qantas, as business demands were met.

In 1997 Air Vanuatu celebrated ten years of operations in style, with a new corporate office being opened in Port Vila and the launch of a new corporate livery, which is still in use today in a slightly modified form.

In 2004 the Government of Vanuatu agreed to Air Vanuatu taking over the management of Vanair, thus merging domestic and international carriers.

Company has continued to thrive and staff now number 378. The fleet of Boeing 737-300, ATR42, Twin Otter and Islander aircraft is a key component in Vanuatu’s growing tourism industry with 6 international destinations being serviced and the tourist and freight needs of 28 domestic ports being catered for.

E-ticketing on all international flights is now standard and Air Vanuatu continues to set the standards that other Pacific carriers follow. The 
airline has not compromised quality in-flight service and staff training is a key component of its business philosophy together with a timely and efficient schedule.

Vanuatu Post joins Air Vanuatu in their celebration of 20 years of successful operations and is proud to release a stamp issue to commemorate this important milestone. It recognises the value of the airline in the progress of the country and congratulates Air Vanuatu in offering an airline service to the international and domestic markets that brings pride to the people of Vanuatu.

40, 130, 180 and 250 vatu
Denise Durkin, Wellington, New Zealand
JAC stamp non DC PS1
Perforation Gauge
13.9 x 13.9
Period of Sale
23 November 2007 for a period of 2 years.
Wyatt and Wilson Print, Christchurch New Zealand
Offset Litho, die cut.
Stamp Size
4 horizontal self adhesive stamps, 50mm x 25.0mm

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