Vanuatu Post celebrates the 35th Years of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between The Peoples Republic of China and The Republic of Vanuatu by issuing an Underwater Post postcard which is targeted for the Chinese visitors into Vanuatu and who can choose to experience Underwater Post Office located at Hideaway Island Resort. Hideaway Island is a Marine Reserve location and has a vibrant marine live and while enjoying the marine environment visitor can snorkel and have the opportunity to post a postcard underwater to friends and families for a unique memorable souvenir. The underwater postcard can be seen wherever it travels through and is prove of one of Vanuatu’s unique icon for visitors world over.

The Board of Vanuatu Post once again agreed to issue 60,990,000 million vatu to the Government of Vanuatu. The cheque was presented to the two Shareholders of Vanuatu Post - Ministry of Finance & Economic Management and Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, during the 2011 AGM at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila on the 6th May 2013 by the Chairman Jotham Napat (second on the right) and CEO Wesley Rasu (far right).


Vanuatu Post ranks 3rd in the Third Quarter in the EMS Corporateive Performance Report Cards. Sept 2011 - Vanuatu Post ranks 3rd

Vanuatu Post attained the UPU Certification Management Entry Level.

UPU gives Vanuatu Post Certification Management

Vanuatu, through Vanuatu Post, attained the UPU Certification Management Entry Level. The certification system is intended to measure the degree of application in their structures of posts' quality management processes.

Air Vanuatu  aAir Vanuatu  and Vanuatu Post signed a partnershipnd Vanuatu Post signed an MOU to work in partnership in the rural areas. Vanuatu Post is recognized by Air Vanuatu to act as an Agency to sell domestic tickets in several Vanuatu Post rural outlets.

Vanuatu Post Ranks 4th in the First Quarter Vanuatu Post Ranks 4th in EMS

in the EMS Corporative Performances Report Cards.

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About Vanuatu Post

Vanuatu Post Limited was formed in 2000 and provides postal and other services to residents and visitors to Vanuatu. The Corporation is owned by the Government of Vanuatu and operates as a commercial enterprise.
Vanuatu Post provides access to services through a network of over 60 Post Offices and Postal outlets around Vanuatu. Customers receive mail through a network of over 4500 PO Boxes.

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