Boite aux lettres


There are two types of Letter mail items:

1. Letters and Documents: items are commonly flat sealed envelopes or folded or rounded letter sheets that weighs less than 2kg.

A letter includes sealed envelope mail and folded letter sheets. A letter is:

  • No larger than 360 x 260 mm
  • No thicker than 20 mm
  • No heavier than 500 grams
  • Rectangular in shape Or for rolls and tubes the maximum measurement is 100mm in diameter and 600 mm in length

2. Large Letters or Packets: item is commonly three dimensional and weighs less than 2kg. An item that does not fit into 1. above :

  • Not heavier than 2kg
  • Larger in size than a letter (larger than 360 x 260 x 20 mm)
  • Not larger in size than 360 mm (length) x 260 mm (width) x 100 mm (height
  • Can be of any shape or form.
  • If an item weighs more than 2kg and/or exceeds the maximum size of a packet it will be classified as a parcel.

To send your mail item place it into a secure envelope or packet and clearly write the correct address and place the correct stamp value on it.

It is recommended to use the accepted addressing standard for the destination country. Post your mail in the street letter posting boxes or at the nearest letter slots. Or we will accept your mail at the post office counter if you have yet to buy stamps or unsure of what the postage cost is.


Parcels are items that do not fit into the letters description and measurements. Items that measurement exceed those of letters in size and weight are categorized as parcels and have different postage rate to letters.

  • Weigh more than 2kg but not more than 20kg
  • Of any shape and maximum length of any side per parcel should not be more than 1 meter.
  • Do not meet the description of a letter or packet.
  • If it is a roll or tube the maximum length cannot be more than 1 meter and it circumference not less than 15cm and not more than 140cm.

To send your parcel place it in a proper packaging material (box or container). The package must be securely closed and ensure it can sustain frequent handling en route. We are not responsible for parcels which is not properly packed to sustain shock and breakage.

It is your responsibility to ensure your items is securely wrapped with enough cushioning and take extra care if the item is fragile. Packaging should withstand the possibility of being dropped.

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