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Domestic- within Vanuatu: the cost effective way to send your mail is to use the standard mail services- Letter or Parcel service.

Mail can be posted to and from over 60 locations nation wide. Vanuatu Post provides Letter Mail and Parcel services to these locations. The applicable Postage Rate is common rated to and from each of these Vanuatu locations for the two mail services.

You need to know the size and weight of your mail to calculate the right postage rate. Different postage rate apply for for letters and also for parcels of different size and weight range.

Customers can choose to post a letter or Parcel with an added service feature of Registered or EMS (Express Mail Service) mail. EMS is a door to door delivery service available at selective locations only in Vanuatu. Registered mail like EMS provides tracking and prove of delivery information which is available for the sender's information.

EMS mail items can be collected at your door step, office, accepted at a post office or postal agent counter and can delivered at the addressee location( if all information is given) or post office box number. Vanuatu Post encourages EMS customers to provide the receiver's phone number for effective on time delivery.


There are two categories of letter mail items that we offer:

1. Letters and Documents: Items are commonly flat sealed envelopes or folded or rounded sheets that weigh less than 2kg. A letter includes sealed enveloped mail and folded sheets. The dimensions of a letter are;

  • No larger than 360 x 260 mm
  • No thicker than 20 mm
  • No heavier than 500 grams
  • Normally is rectangular in shape
  • Or for roll and tubes the maximum measurement is 100mm and 600mm in length

2. Large Letters or Packets: Item is commonly three dimensional and weighs less than 2kg. An item that does not fit in 1. above and weighs less than 2kg. The dimensions of Packet are;

  • Not heavier than 2kg
  • Larger in size than a Letter or Document (larger than 360mm x 260mm x 20mm)
  • Not larger in size than 360 mm (length) x 260mm (width) x 100mm (height)
  • Can be of any shape or form
  • If an item weighs more than 2kg and/or exceeds the maximum size of a Packet it will be classified as a parcel

To send your mail item place it into a secure envelope or packet and clearly write the correct address and place the correct stamp value on it. It is recommended to use the accepted addressing standard. If you have placed the right value of stamps, you can post your letter into the street letter boxes or at the nearest letter slots at your nearest post office. Or we will accept your mail at our post office counters if you do not have the correct value of stamps or if you are unsure of the postage cost.


Parcels are items that do not fit into Letters description and measurements. Items with measurement which exceed those of Letters in size and weight are categorized as Parcels. Parcels are charged with a different postage rate to letters. Parcels dimension are;

  • Weigh more than 2kg but not more than 20kg
  • Of any shape and maximum length of any side per parcel should not be more than 1 meter
  • Do not meet the description of a letter or packet
  • If it is a roll or tube the maximum length cannot be more than 1 meter and its circumference not less than 15cm and not more than 140cm

To send a parcel place it in a proper packing material (ie. box container) that can be securely closed and ensure it can sustain frequent handling enroute. We are not responsible for parcels which is not properly packed to sustain shock and breakage. It is your responsibility to ensure your item(s) is wrapped with enough cushioning and take extra care if the is fragile. Packing should withstand the possibility of being dropped.


Vanuatu Post Limited is offering other services in selected remote areas such as National Telecommunications (Telecom Vanuatu Ltd and Digicel Ltd) services, the National Airline (Air Vanuatu Operations) ticket services, Logistic services, Stationary items...etc

* Digicel & TVL Credit:

In selected VPL remote locations, Customers are able to purchase refill or top up for their own personal usage using their mobile. Or, any Customer can become a retailer of VPL in his/her area buy purchasing credit/ top up from VPL Office and reselling it to Customer willing to buy credit/ top up for their personal mobile usage.

For the Retailer option, VPL will be giving a discount on each purchase of Credit/ Top up of the Retailer subscribe under VPL as part of his commission.

* Air Vanuatu Ticket Sales:

In selected VPL remote locations, Customer can now book, purchase an Air Vanuatu Ticket at a VPL Office to travel anywhere within the Country. 

* Logistic Services:

In selected VPL remote locations, Customer is now able to purchase Fresh Frozen Meat, Chicken either for Personal or Business Purpose.

For Business Purpose, we are also offering Solomon Blue White Tuna Flakes Tin available in 180g or 380g. Item to be purchased by carton only.  

* Stationary items:

In selected areas, VPL is also offering stationary items suitable for Students or working person.

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