Compensation and Liability

Vanuatu Post does not offer an Insurance service. Extra caution should be taken when sending valuable items in the mail for possible damage or pilferage if the mail is going to the few less secure destination countries.

Our compensation policy generally falls under the Universal Postal Union (UPU) compensation and liability policy. Vanuatu Post does not offer insurance service to cover valuable items sent via mail. There is a slight difference on the compensation ceiling for the different mail delivery service - Express Mail Service, Registered or Parcel related items.

Vanuatu Post will do its best to investigate with it postal partners if there is mail being mis-handled or delayed in order to establish which of its partner in the delivery channel is liable for mail not being delivered as expected, damage or loss.

We do not offer any obligation for normal letter mail which do not have a unique identification number or bar code affix to the mail item.

Vanuatu Post will not consider compensation for the following-

* Cash, Bank Notes, coins, deeds and travelers cheques sent via mail

* Precious stones,  metals, gems, jewelery watches or antiques.

* Items not packed to sustain shock or being dropped - inadequately packed or neglect on part of the sender.

* Claims for loss mail items lodged 6 months after the items was posted.

* Negotiable instruments, and securities and bearer securities.

* Prohibited items and items that were falsely declared.

* Improper address or incorrect address of delivery on the mail item.

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