Where are our delivery locations?

You will find Vanuatu Post in every province


What size or weight restriction?

Vanuatu Post will accept any mail that fits the Letters and Parcels dimensions. In general we will not accept anything going by air which is heavier than 25kg and the length of any of its side is over 1 meter.

Click here to read about our Letters and Parcels services and the accepted weight and measurements.

What is the fee for an extra Key?

If you require an extra key, you need to lodge an application at your nearest Vanuatu Post post office.

The charge for a new key to be cut and issued is 540vt and should be ready for collection within 72 hours.

Only one free key is issued for  a new box and an extra key required will be charged.

What are prohibited item?

Vanuatu Post transports its mail by air using its partner airlines. The airline regulation for uplift of goods must be complied to. Therefore, any good categorized as Dangerous Goods by IATA is treated as such by Vanuatu Post and due to complexity of some item shipment specifications it is advisable to check with Vanuatu Post or the airline list of prohibited items prior to posting.

How do I hire a Post Office Box?

Vanuatu Post requires an application to be lodged for a Post Office Box should you require one for your business or private resident use. We will require details such as your telephone number, emails, and if your are applying for business or personal use. The appropriate fee will be collected after the required box is allocated to you and before the key is handed over. Download the application form to print Here.

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