Dragonflies of Vanuatu

The earliest dragonflies appeared over 300 million years ...

Sales price: $5.25

Year of the Tiger

Vanuatu Post is proud to recognise the Year of the Tiger ...

Sales price: $2.50

Colours In Bloom

Strelitziaceae is a family of flowering plants that are ...

Sales price: $5.20

Vanuatu Beaches

What is white and turquoise, soft and warm, feels good ...

Sales price: $5.00

Green and Golden Bell Frog

The Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea, is a ...

Sales price: $4.55

Massena s Lorikeet

Listed as a sub-species of the Rainbow Lorikeet, Massena’s ...

Sales price: $4.00

Tanna Coffee

The Tanna Coffee Development Company was established in ...

Sales price: $7.50

Turtles of Vanuatu

The two most commonly found turtles in Vanuatu are the ...

Sales price: $4.00

2008 Annual Collection

This Annual Collection contains all the stamps and ...

Sales price: $44.35

2010 Annual Collection

This Annual Collection of stamp issues is proudly presented ...

Sales price: $39.70

Vanuatu Waterfalls

Vanuatu is renowned for its natural beauty and an important ...

Sales price: $5.40

Vanuatu Birds Definitive

Vanuatu Post's definitive Birds issue comprises 12 stamps. ...

Sales price: $25.80

Orange Spotted Filefish

Also known as the Harlequin filefish, The Orange Spotted ...

Sales price: $8.00

Royal Baby

Third in line to the British throne, the Royal baby, George ...

Sales price: $5.50

Vanuatu Best Friends

Following the popular cats stamp issue, Vanuatu Post ...

Sales price: $4.60

Vanuatu Solar Eclipse

Early in the morning of November 14, 2012, Vanuatu will ...

Sales price: $4.40

Vanutau Kiwanis

When Werner Pechan, Peter Wilson & Paul Buckley, a group of ...

Sales price: $4.85

Vanuatu Smile

It’s official. Vanuatu has just been named one of the ...

Sales price: $6.00


Christmas in Vanuatu, as in all Pacific Islands, is a ...

Sales price: $5.50

Under Water Post Office 10th Anniversary Special Issue

Vanuatu’s Underwater Post Office has become world-famous ...

Sales price: $3.50

Under Water Cable

On November 25, 2013, the Alcatel-owned Subsea Cable vessel ...

Sales price: $7.50

Under Water Post Office

Underwater Post Office

Sales price: $15.00

Vanuatu Astonishing Sea Creatures

Vanuatu Astonishing Sea Creatures Presentation Pack

Sales price: $15.00

Vanuatu Scenery

This presentation pack depicts some of the flora and fauna, ...

Sales price: $15.00

Tropical Birds

Featured in this presentation pack is a selection of birds ...

Sales price: $15.00

Tropical Fish

This presentation depicts just three of the brilliantly ...

Sales price: $15.00

Volcano Post

Volcano Post has opened the world's first and only postal ...

Sales price: $15.00

Butterflies of Vanuatu


Sales price: $9.00

Shanghai Expo

Vanuatu is a land of diversity and amazing contrasting ...

Sales price: $7.95

Beach Thick Knee

Vanuatu Post is proud to be endorsed by WWF in releasing a ...

Sales price: $12.60
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Vanuatu Post provides access to services through a network of over 60 Post Offices and Postal outlets around Vanuatu. Customers receive mail through a network of over 4500 PO Boxes.

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