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Vanuatu Post History

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Mail delivery in Vanuatu has a colourful but proud past. In the Colonial days, the New Hebrides (as Vanuatu was then known) was serviced by irregular sea mail delivered by outsourced contractors. From 1887 to 1899, the people of the New Hebrides received their international mail from Australasian New Hebrides Company steamers every three weeks. Almost all of the country’s 83 islands were serviced by these steamer ships, proving to be a great, but unprofitable service for the times.


Express Mail Service - EMS

EMS est notre porte de prime de service de messagerie de porte disponible pour la livraison locale et internationale.

Le service est disponible pour la livraison de plus de 190 pays a travers le monde. Une option ideale pour envoyer des affaires et marchandises personnels ou documents localement ou globalement. Il dispose d'un maximum de 7jours de travail pour atteindre la plupart des villes metropolitaines.

Les articles sont factures en fonction du poid de l'article.

Send mail international

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The cost effective way of sending your mail to over 190 countries worldwide is our standard Parcel and Letter mail postage.

It can range from three days to a month delivery target depending on the destination of your mail and the route it takes plus the delivery standards of the destination country. Mail take longer if mail has to be resorted more than once on its route.

All customs charges, taxes and duties that may be applicable by destination are payable by receiver on delivery.

Send Mail Domestic

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The cost effective way to send mail within Vanuatu is to use the standard mail services- Letter or Parcel service.

There are over 60 locations nation wide and Port Vila is the main mail exchange office. All mail posted in any of the locations out from Vila are carried to Vila for sorting before being dispatched to the island location or nearest airport of the address.

The applicable Postage Rate is the same from all locations for all services.

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